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1v1.lol is revolutionary Io online multiplayer build and shoot game. Even thought 1v1 lol is Io game it offers same fluidness and same competitive gameplay like Fortnite and also have many game modes, weapons and different maps.

1v1 offers Fortnite like building options, you can build walls, ramps, roofs, and floors as smooth and fast as possible. The game also offers many weapons – riffles, shotguns, snipers, and even shield pots are available.

1v1.lol offers multiple different game modes – 1v1 clash, classic battle royale, free build, zombies, practice, and others.

So if you ever wondered if there is Fortnite Io game around – 1v1.lol is it!

Play game solo or with friends, unlock new skins from free lol pass. 1v1 lol also offers paid versions of game pass and shop if you are into those elite skins.

WASD - Movement
Space - Jump
Left shift - Crouch
E - Pick up
Right mouse button - Ads
Left mouse button - Shoot
F - Pickaxe
1,2,3,4,5 - Weapon slots
Z - Wall
X - Floor
C - Ramp
V - Roof
R - Rotate building
G - Edit
Right mouse button while editing cancels edit.

Also you can change mouse, ads and sniper sensivity, sound settings and much more.



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