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Apraksts: is free online game featuring Minecraft graphics and various game modes. Parkour, sandbox creativity, and combat and other. In Bloxd io game players can explore, build, engage in conflict, and strategize in the game's wide variety of gaming options. Whether you prefer fast-paced challenges or creative endeavors, Bloxd io has it all.

Game modes: Finishing the map in the allotted time is the main goal in BloxdHop game mode. To be able to parkour faster, use shop to buy different boosts – speed or jump boost. Those will help you increase parkour speed and fishing faster. For checkpoints, use yellow blocks. Since mode offers leaderboard, get good and make speed runs, like we do. 

EvilTower: Conquer the Tower of Hell - EvilTower is also one of the most popular Bloxd game modes. It is very similar to BloxdHop, but it doesn't offer checkpoints, so each fail will force you to start from the beginning. While jumping you're receiving coins that you can spend on speed boost, double jump, jump boost, checkpoint and other things. It is Iinspired by Roblox's Tower of Hell, so its made to tests your parkour skills as you strive to reach the top of the Evil Tower.

Cube Warfare is a shooting and block building game mode. It's like Fortnite, but with Minecraft design. You play FFA death match where your main goal is build walls and hide behind them, while shooting other players.

DoodleCube: Unleash your creativity in this mode, where players create objects based on given themes. Other users can vote on the object's representation.

Survival is a game mode where players can interact with friends, and player versus player (PvP) combat is enabled. Like other modes it's sandbox-style, and you can explore, gather and build objects while attacks from other players.

Peaceful Mode: Similar to creative mode in Minecraft, Peaceful Mode allows you to freely explore and build without any threats or challenges. Like in normal Minecraft, just be creative.

One block mode offers very unusual minecraft building gameplay. You start playing standing on one block. Gather material you standing on to build your world. Build way till teleport to visit other players, interact with them or stole something from them.

ASWD - Move
Space - Jump
Shift - Speed
WASD to move
C, Z, \, or Caps Lock - Crouch
T or Enter - Chat
B - Open shop
/ - Start command
Mouse scroll - Zoom in and out
Cursor - Look



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