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Apraksts: is a game io game that features minecraft block and character graphics and providing challenging parkour-style block jumping levels. By hopping higher and higher on blocks, platforms will become smaller and jumps will become harder and harder to make. While jumping don't skip yellow blocks, those blocks will make auto checkpoint so if you fell, you can always start from there. Also, each checkpoint gives you experience and coins, coins can be used to buy features in the shop. Features like speed and jump boost, double and triple jump. Your main goal is to reach the end of the map within a given timeframe.

BloxdHop is a unique game because it offers not just casual jumping, but you can actually do speed runs too. Use "R" if you fail and keep going to hit first place in leaderboard.

Additionally, by pressing "N" you can choose your look, everything from face to legs.

WASD - Move
Space - Jump
B -Shop
Cursor - Look / Aim
Shift - Run
Left mouse button - Break block
Right mouse button / E - Place block
Tab - Inventory
Q - Drop block
C - Duck
Middle mouse - Pick up block
R - Reset run



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