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In the fascinating puzzle and management game, users must create intricate factories and automate processes in order to generate a variety of shapes and colors.

How to play shapez io?

Play: A blank canvas and a few simple tools are all that players begin with. They use materials they gather from the map, such colors and minerals, to make shapes in accordance with predetermined designs. Creating effective assembly lines and optimizing production are the objectives.

Building: Conveyor belts, splitters, mergers, and other processing devices are just a few of the equipment and structures that players can utilize in their factories. These elements must be arranged carefully by players in order to facilitate workflow and prevent bottlenecks.

Automation: Manual management becomes unfeasible as production scales up. By utilizing logic components like sorters, distributors, and sensors to manage resource flow and maximize output, players may automate their factories.

Challenges: To keep users interested and put their problem-solving abilities to the test, presents challenges and objectives. These problems frequently entail creating particular shapes within predetermined parameters, like restricted resources or space.

Creative flexibility: gives players a great deal of creative flexibility in spite of its difficulties. Players can try out various layouts and tactics by experimenting with the various ways to design and optimize factories.

Multiplayer: offers multiplayer options in addition to its main single-player experience. Gamers can work together to create intricate manufacturing designs or compete against one another on leaderboards.

WASD - move
Right mouse button - delete
Q - pipette
Ctrl + Mouse button 1 - select area
Esc - back
Enter - confirm
F - upgrades
G - statistics
Space - center map
M - create marker
-/+ - zoom in and out



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